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Congratulations and many thanks to the people who took the time to apply for these awards. They are all well done and warrant a visit!

Offshore Pictures (Bronze) Christmas Island Remembered (Bronze)
Wat Thai Kusinara Chalermraj (Gold) Pioneers of Machine-Tool Industry (Gold)
Taylors Elementary School (Silver) TheLabRat (Silver)
QUFD: Einstein's Legacy (Gold) Safe Haven (Gold)
Macula Surgery MD (Gold) Great Barrier Reef (Gold) (Silver) Drawing With Diggery Dickle (Gold)
Asthma Reality (Gold) Mammoth Search Engine Directory (Bronze)
The U21A Incident (Silver) CooksRecipes (Gold)
IndiaKing (Silver) Michigan Hawking Club (Gold)
Pedal Prayers Ministeries (Silver) CyberWeb3 (Gold)
Timeless Eternal Forever (Gold)

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